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Karaoke Tools & Plugins
Freeware and shareware lyrics plugins, karaoke players and creation software

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The use of a computer allows anyone to play and sing karaoke tracks provided the correct software is installed.

Thanks to many programmers there are tons of applications and programs for creating, editing and playing karaoke files or for writing and burning your own CD+g disks.

There are many types of programs which are continually been added and updated daily, we can only cover a few but there are links to resources who supply information, ratings and downloads of free and shareware music applications listed in each section for your convenience.

If you intend to create your own discs using cover songs then be aware that copying or using songs without a license or permission from the author/publisher is ILLEGAL.  For information on copyright and its implications visit Copyright pages.

This section provides links and downloads for a variety of freeware, shareware and commercial software, graphics, midi and kar files available on the internet which you can use with your computer to play, create and edit karaoke files. Use the links below to jump to each section.

Spice up your karaoke tracks with free backgrounds, graphics, images and clipart available at these sites.

Computer Karaoke
Tips and articles on hardware and software requirements, file formats, creating your own karaoke files plus links to karaoke discussion groups and forums.

Composition & Recording
Commercial software for creating and manipulating audio files, lyrics, notation, virtual synths and cd burning software for pc and mac.

Karaoke Creators, Editors & Players
Freeware and shareware karaoke creators, editors and players for audio files ranging from the very basic to high quality multifunction programs.

Karaoke Software Shop
Commercial karaoke creators, editors and players with real-time recording and effects functions plus karaoke songbook / playlist creators with song database and search functions. Free trial and demo versions available to download.

Karaoke Tracks
Article on disk and file types, organising disks and track listings plus links to commercial midi, mp3 and cdg song and disk suppliers.

Lyrics Plugins
Freeware and shareware lyrics displayers, editors and creator plugins for use with Winamp and similar players.

Lyrics Sites
Wide range of lyrics sites providing words for all styles and genres of artist in .txt and .lyr format for .mid, .kar, mp3 and other standard files.

Midi Sites
Free mid, kar and mp3 downloads, some time-tagged ready to use with karaoke players and editors.

Miscellaneous Downloads
Freeware and Shareware Fun games, screensavers and helpful applications for singers, musicians and kj's!

Online Karaoke Players
Sing online with our collection of FREE karaoke players plus links to related sites for a range of ages, styles and languages.

Play Listers & Cataloguers
Freeware, shareware and demo software that lets the user list or catalogue music files, discs tracks, albums etc., on your computer.

Radio & Broadcasting Software
All in one applications for karaoke jockeys, dj's and radio stations that include stuff to make life easier like broadcast / jingle / advertisement schedulers, powerful audio / media players, cataloguers and editing software.

Sheet Music
Download, view and play free sheet music previews using free player, plus search for favourite artists / songs to buy online.