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Turn your computer into a Karaoke Machine, record your voice and create professional karaoke songbooks for yourself, friends or clients with these great software packages listed below, (non-recording players are listed in the Players / Creators section), organise your music collection with Playlisters and for KJ's / DJ's seeking a professional solution there are some excellent programs available on the Radio / Studio Software page!

Want to create your own original music? Manipulate midi, wav? Record and mix tracks? Take a look at these Composition and Audio Recording programs. Need tracks to sing along to? Browse the Karaoke Songs and Sheet Music sections.

Create Karaoke Songbooks Online!
A karaoke book is a song list of all discs you use in your karaoke which can be created online in easy steps by logging in or registering (free) with KaraokeBooks. Create up to 20 discs using the Search and Add songs function or add your own custom discs, Print/View or Download your Online Karaoke Books FREE. To remove the 20 disc limit purchase a subscription. It is free to set up your karaoke book!! To try the FREE shared demo service click the link below.
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Latshaw Systems Song List Generator
Generate professional song books from your MP3, MP4, MP3+G karaoke, or video files in just a few clicks! Song List Generator simply reads the music files right from your hard drive and creates a printable book of songs, sliced and diced any way you want (by Artist, Title, DiscID, multi-column, various font sizes, custom messages, custom paper and margin sizes). Exports to PDF format that you can have professionally printed or posted on your web site to download!
Click to read more about the Song List Generator

Karaoke Island MP3 Karaoke Player
Free basic mp3 karaoke player and premium version which provides recording capabilities. The site also supplies "Sing with your PC" Karaoke CD-ROM Series, which will turn your PC into a Karaoke Machine plus karaoke midi files, mp3 karaoke tracks and custom karaoke CD+G disks.
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Ashampoo Music Studio 4
Ashampoo Music Studio 4 covers the entire workflow from music creation to production. Supported audio formats: FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA. Digitize your audio and enjoy the everlasting high quality of digital music. Notebook computer, music player or cellphone - listen to your favorite music, anywhere any time. Transfer your precious music collection to your PC and let Music Studio create the required audio files for you. Record your own audio files through any available Windows recording device, e.g. microphone or line in, and process them right in Music Studio. Grab the music right from your favorite movies and create your own ringtones and remixes.
Ashampoo Music Studio 4 Details.

Microstudio v4.005
Copy your karaoke cdg discs. Use microstudio to make perfect backup copies of your karaoke cdg discs. With its user-friendlyness you will find yourself sailing through what you thought would take you forever to accomplish. Play karaoke cdg songs full screen on your monitor! Microstudio enables the user to play karaoke cdg songs either from the hard drive or cd-rom live on their PC. Create custom arranged discs!
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Karaoke Kanta
Play, edit and record audio and video karaoke with this shareware software. Free demo available.
Karaoke Kanta

Karaoke Song List Creator
Create complete karaoke song lists, print song request slips, cd labels, add and sort lists
Karaoke Song List Creator

American Idol CD Rom Game American Idol CD-Rom Game
Become an American Idol contestant! This game comes with a microphone, 20 hip tunes, and cool dance moves. 3 judges rave or rant at your moves, Refine your superstar style. Post your performance in American Idol cyber competition
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SuperStar Rivals Game in association with PopStars The Rivals SuperStar Rivals CD-Rom Game
In association with PopStars The Rivals
Get the grooves and make the moves to become a Superstar with Superstar Rivals; the first on and off-line game where you can sing and dance your way to the top. Make your own music video with a wide range of titles to choose from such as Sophie Ellis Bextor to Samantha Mumba to Enrique Iglesias. Choose your look, name, and then play the game to earn money and steal points from your rival in order to make your own music video. Post it on-line and get votes in this fantasy/sim game.
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Karaoke Revolution Bundle
50 all new licensed master tracks, featuring the latest hits and classic favorites. Perfect for parties or for playing competitively as a solo artist: Party Mode - Multiplayer game Modes for up to 16 players Career Mode - Sing your way to fame by showcasing your skills and unlocking new venues and accessories. Multiple venues to choose from: 10 new venues with elaborate themes and special effects, Custom venue creator, Includes an option to feature original music videos onstage during a player's full performance. Newly improved custom character creator with extensive features to choose from
Karaoke Revolution Bundle

LIPS for Xbox 360
Proving that the Xbox 360 isn’t just for hardcore fans of shooters and racing games, Lips offers a karaoke extravaganza that should appeal to fans of the popular SingStar range. The basics work the same as any karaoke game: You sing along to a wide range of music videos, trying to match the same pitch and tone as the original. Featuring stylish interactive motion sensors and lights, the microphones respond to singers' actions and can be used as percussion accompaniments. With the freedom provided by the wireless microphones, everyone can live their singing dreams in style Lips allows people to customise their experience with the songs that matter most to them by singing along with friends to music from their personal collection. Using the standard Xbox 360 controller, up to two people will be able to join the fun and choose from a variety of percussion accompaniment to play along with the music in Lips. From the songs that will come with the game, to your own music collection and the ability to download new tracks from Xbox LIVE, Lips will continually provide new music to bring people together and keep the party going.
Lips (Xbox 360)

SingStar Vol 2 - Microphones not included
SingStar fans are in for a treat this summer with the launch of SingStar Vol. 2 on PLAYSTATION3 (PS3). The new addition to the multi-million selling franchise features 30 new tracks, a brand new harmony duet mode, PSP (PlayStationPortable) Remote Play functionalities, increased levels of personalisation and an entry point to My SingStar Online – the rapidly growing online SingStar community. Whether you’re an entertainer, a diva, a rocker, a crooner or hip hopster - or even a shy star – there will be something for you on the disc’s 30-strong track list. Artists featured include The Killers, Eminem, Kaiser Chiefs, Gorillaz and many many more. All track features the original music video for you to enjoy! SingStar Vol. 2 will feature a harmony duet mode: a new way of playing that allows two players to sing different lines to a song at the same time, showing off their harmonising skills. This is really your chance to showcase your talent and adds a new dimension to the SingStar experience! Special tracks have been included to showcase this new mode such as Kool and the Gang: Celebration, the Paul McCartney & the Frog Chorus: We all Stand Together and The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'. As if that wasn’t enough, SingStar Vol. 2 also includes Remote Play functionalities with PSP. Using PSP and a wireless Internet connection, players will be able to access various areas of the game such as: SingStore: browse, select and download new songs, from SingStore remotely. This is really your chance to get your favourite party tracklist ready before you’re heading back home! My SingStar Online: browse and participate in all areas, rate media, leave comments, take part in polls, etc.). You can now continue to be part of the SingStar community on the go: share and show off hilarious and killer performances to your friends and family! As with the first instalment of SingStar on PS3, SingStar Vol. 2 gives players instant access to SingStore, the ever-expanding online download store where extra tracks can be purchased, allowing players to add to their collection of songs and create their own SingStar playlists to suit their party mood. There are currently over 300 tracks in SingStore costing 1.49€ / £0.99 per track. Make sure you’re part of My SingStar Online, the next-generation community where players can share their performances with the world after capturing them with a PLAYSTATIONEye or EyeToy camera
SingStar II
SingStar Vol. 2

SingStar - Playstation 2
Looking for one of the best multi-player party games on the PlayStation 2? You've just found it, and it's called SingStar. It's a game that tests you on your singing ability--or lack of--and serves up some rollicking entertainment while it does so. Using two microphones (not included), the idea is that, in true karaoke style, songs with predominantly official backing videos appear on your screen and you have to sing the right words at the right time. Also, you'll find on-screen indicators as to what pitch you need to be singing at, and it's here that the game assesses you. Hit the right notes for the right amount of time, and you'll get high scores, which in career mode can then unlock virtual clubs to sing at and more songs, too. The single-player mode is fairly simple and straightforward, but in multi-player mode SingStar strikes gold. The game comes laden with numerous little games, which can involve you passing the mic around, or joining up for a good old-fashioned duet. Then there's the outstanding battle mode, where two of you warble through the same song concurrently, and the game picks a winner at the end. Replete with the option to replay your performance and even use an EyeToy to be the star of the music video, SingStar is fantastic entertainment. A couple of minor gripes: the aforementioned single-player mode is short-term fun at best, and could be improved; the 30 included songs--from bands as diverse as Atomic Kitten and Motörhead--are mostly well chosen and varied, but you'll work your way through them a little too quickly. (Add-on packs may well redress this.) Ultimately, SingStar is innovative, very easy to get to grips with and when on top form, flat-out brilliant. For those looking for a multi-player game in particular, it comes very highly recommended. --Simon Brew
SingStar (PS2)
PlayStation 2

SingStar Next Generation
Packed with 30 original recordings. HD videos Artists include: Scissor Sisters, U2, Razorlight Download new songs via the SingStore Upload your photos and performances to My SinStar online Blu-ray disc contains 30 original tracks, plus loads to download from SingStore Upload pics, videos and performances to the in-game community My SingStar Online Personalise your own playlists to suit the type of SingStar you are Key Features: Stays true to the original SingStar experience with fully-licensed tracks and videos from the world’s leading stars. The Blu-ray disc features 30 tracks by Gwen Stefani, OutKast, Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Razorlight and many more. Select and sing the songs you want from the SingStore. The SingStore will be open for business from December 7th with 44 songs to download, including great songs from the SingStar range plus new tracks from The Manic Street Preachers, Zutons & Depeche Mode. This is only the beginning as further songs will be added regularly from 17 December onwards to build the ultimate SingStar resource for every mood and every party. Continue to play whilst your favourite songs download in the background: now you can go to the SingStore and choose your very favorite SingStar songs to bring out the performer in you - from an RRP of £0.99 per track. The result is the ultimate playlist with absolutely no fillers! Customisable: new menu skins and backgrounds, plus new voice effects and wallpapers to make it your SingStar. Slick new look: the visual style has evolved with a new look that nonetheless remains true to SingStar’s heritage and familiar to SingStar fans. Same game experience that everyone knows and loves: take centre stage and sing your heart out alone, get your group together or go head-to-head in competitive singing fun with all your mates. Enjoy brand new technology that enables you to reduce the volume of the original song - if you’re feeling brave enough! My SingStar Online: get involved in the all new SingStar in-game community! Here users can upload & share their SingStar photos, videos, parties and performances. Build an online SingStar profile, rate videos, check out the latest and highest rated. Fun everywhere with the highlights of that party onto and share the entertainment with friends and colleagues on your PC after the party is over. Rate performances, find out what’s hot and what’s not, and have fun!
SingStar Next Gen with 2 Microphones (PS3)

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