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The following are a collection of multimedia and karaoke freeware, shareware and demo players, creators and editors that can be downloaded by clicking the players name or from the authors website. Some of these programs are demos which may have function limitations or time restrictions that can only be unlocked by registering or purchasing the full version. These players vary in capabilities and may be limited to particular file formats or functions so read all information and try out the free demo versions to ensure it offers the capabilities you require before purchasing or registering. Prices have been provided where available but these may change at any time as can the version which may be upgraded or improved so please visit the authors site for current pricing, special offers, updates and full product details.

Please Note: These downloads have been collected together for your convenience. Programs marked with ** are ones we or trusted friends have used and to which we have formed an affiliate association (in other words we like them and if you decide to purchase the full versions you will also be helping to support the site as we receive a small commission). At the time of writing the players listed here do not have the ability to record your karaoke performance - this type of player/recorder is available in the Karaoke Software section. We are unable to download and test all the listed programs and advise users to check all downloads with an anti-virus program.

** vanBasco's Karaoke Player **
Free player that includes full screen lyrics, realtime display and a host of other great options. One of the best karaoke players on the net & its FREE!

Quicktime Movie Player
FREEWARE PC/Mac multimedia player that needs only Quicktime (no synth). The player comes in either free basic, pro, streaming server and/or broadcaster to allow the creation, playing and streaming of audio and video over the internet. Quicktime 6 features MPEG-4 and support for DCV Pro PAL video codec, Macromedia Flash 5 and more. Upgrading to the pro version allows the user to create content, build movie libraries, edit and create slide shows and prepare movies for streaming for only $29.99.

Real Player, Encoder and Server
Variety of software programs including RealOne player, mid, vid, mp3 player, Real Encoder to compress .wav files for streaming over the internet and multimedia servers. Provides Free and Commercial options for most programs.

Smart Pix Manager
A leading solution for the management and viewing of all common image, multimedia (AVI, MPEG, MP3, etc), Office, text and web files which allows you to rapidly search and categorize files in your multimedia collection using keywords and descriptions (which can be automatically generated). Smart Pix offers advanced file security including encryption, password protection and even browsing of files in encrypted zips. Databases can be shared across a network and support for off-line sources is included (e.g. prompting for the correct CD-ROM). Free trial download

SoundBase Dajukebox
organize your music to different locations, edit tag information, search, filter, create playlists, there is a unique history display and Soundbase doesn't use any registry entries but stores all in one ini file, it is completelly anonymous, it can run from any location with limited user access rights, and much more.

free software for management of music files. It organizes your MP3, WMA, WAV and other multimedia files and takes care of your collection stored on harddisks, CD-ROMs or other media. This FREEWARE software is an MP3, CD and other Media Player, Music Manager, Scanner, Encoder, Decoder, Converter, Audio CD Ripper (Audio Grabber), Tagger, Renamer, Playlister, Search Engine, Cacher, Previewer and CDDB client for Windows 98+. Windows 95 requires MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) to use the software. Now updated to MediaMonkey

SprintBit Software
Products include SprintBit Playlist Manager Advanced Playlist Maker & Manager with Multimedia Player lets you create playlists of your favorite music or video files. Trial versions are available.

Fast mp3 player featuring playlists and equalizer. Version 2.0 is coming soon which will learn which songs you like most and play them most often, have a skinnable interface, play directories, and lots more. Stay tuned

Sweet Sixteen Midi Player & Sequencer
Comprehensive and powerful MIDI sequencer for PC/Windows and Atari ST/STE range of computers and a midi player for Pc and Mac. Offers Piano Roll, List and Transform edit pages as well as a dedicated Mixer page you can use for your favourite synthesizer. Demo, Light and Full versions available.

The PC Jukebox
gives you instant access to your entire MP3 music collection in a detailed graphical environment. The application was designed with a touchscreen monitor in mind, but it can just as easily be used with a standard mouse. Download the trial version or purchase.

Top 10 Player
Multimedia player capable of playing the following formats: wav, ra, au, snd, asf, mid, avi, rm, mov, fli, flc, aas, mpg, mp2, mp3, mod, xm, it, s3m und CD-Audio (with CDDB and lyrics support) (Requires Windows Media Player 6.2 and VB6 Runtimes

Ultimate Jukebox
presents your music library in an easy to use interface, similar to a modern jukebox Just find your artist, find your song & add it to the queue. No need to search through a seemingly endless list to find your tune, find your music by Artist, or song title, compilation albums even have their own section. If you have your PC plugged into a stereo or are the kind of DJ that does parties, weddings, functions etc., and need a player designed for use with a large collection of music files this could be for you. Download and try free trial. This supercedes the original Ultimate MP3 Jukebox which still has a site online for registered users to find information and updates.
Ultimate MP3 Jukebox

FREEWARE handles the playing chores for MP3, WMA, RealAudio, WAV, MIDI, CD Audio, Internet radio, AND video files (Windows Media, AVI, MPEG, Real). Change skins to suit your style. HomePage.

Vocal Remover
Works on the same principles that the hardware removers do - that in most instances vocals are equally mixed in both channels, and can identified and therefore removed by simply changing the phase on one channel by 180 degrees. Uses a .wav file to remove the vocals. Vocal Remover REQUIRES a stereo sound streams, and supports either 16bit or 32bit data types. There is a DirectX and a Winamp plugin to choose from. Site also contains a bundle of handy freeware / shareware Audio utilities and plugins including and Audio Arpeggiator, Gate, Vocoder, AutoTune, Song Calculator, Tap Tempo and more!

FREEWARE audio player for windows capable of playing MOD/MP3/OGG/WAV/WMA formats and a CD Player.

Allows you to turn a Midi file into a wave file using this program.

Winamp Media Player
One of the more popular free players with tons of skins, plugins plus home of Winamp Radio which includes SHOUTcast radio technology.

Multimedia player for Windows. It is able to play CDs, MP3, Ogg-Vorbis and Wave-files. The play-back speed is changeable. The software can also digitally extract CD tracks and encode them into MP3. WinCD supports freeDB and ID3 tags. Player and site available in English and German. Download free trial version or register

The perfect player for the MP+G (MP3 plus CDG) enthusiast., Allows you to play and create Mp3+g files. Also WinCDG Pro 2 - All-in-One solution for Karaoke DJs. Adds direct CD+G and VCD playback, plus MP3+G creation and playback. The developers have several interesting programs at the site.

Windows Media Player
Audio player for streaming and other midi, karaoke, mp3 and video files, usually comes with Windows but latest versions can be downloaded free from Microsoft.

WinKaraoke Creator
MIDI Karaoke Editor enables the user to add lyrics to midi files to create .kar files. Also WinKaraoke Player - The original free customisable midi .kar file player that also has a seperate .kar file creator available.

Karaoke software for Windows which has a wide range of features including vocal remover, also allows you to create and present karaoke on your home PC without the need for any expensive karaoke equipment.

FREE Windows music player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 / WMA / WAV / MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX audio formats, and PLS / M3U / ASX playlists. A load more formats are also supported via Winamp plugins. additional features like stereo samples and DMO effects are also fully supported. MPEG / OGG / WMA / WAV files can be streamed from FTP / HTTP / Shoutcast / Icecast / Icecast2 servers, optionally writing a copy to disk at the same time. FTP directories and HTML webpages can be scanned for streamable files. Download or create your own skins.

Yet Another Karaoke System - the virtual pc-karaoke entertainment center which also contains a song report generator.

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