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The following are a collection of multimedia, midi, mp3 and karaoke freeware, shareware and demo players, creators, editors and collection organisers that can be downloaded by clicking the players name or from the authors website. Some of these programs are demos which may have function limitations or time restrictions that can only be unlocked by registering or purchasing the full version. These players vary in capabilities and may be limited to particular file formats or functions so read all information and try out the free demo versions to ensure it offers the capabilities you require before purchasing or registering. Prices have been provided where available but these may change at any time as can the version which may be upgraded or improved so please visit the authors site for current pricing, special offers, updates and full product details.

Please Note: These downloads have been collected together for your convenience. Programs marked with ** are ones we or trusted friends have used and to which we have formed an affiliate association (in other words we like them and if you decide to purchase the full versions you will also be helping to support the site as we receive a small commission). At the time of writing the players listed here do not have the ability to record your karaoke performance - this type of player/recorder is available in the Karaoke Software section. We are unable to download and test all the listed programs and advise users to check all downloads with an anti-virus program.

Ashampoo Music Studio 4
Ashampoo Music Studio 4 covers the entire workflow from music creation to production. Supported audio formats: FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA. Digitize your audio and enjoy the everlasting high quality of digital music. Notebook computer, music player or cellphone - listen to your favorite music, anywhere any time. Transfer your precious music collection to your PC and let Music Studio create the required audio files for you. Record your own audio files through any available Windows recording device, e.g. microphone or line in, and process them right in Music Studio. Grab the music right from your favorite movies and create your own ringtones and remixes.
Ashampoo Music Studio 4 Details.

A free 32-bit utility that lets you audition not only audio files, but popular video formats too. Media files supported include .wav, .avi, .mid, .mpg, and .dat. You can assemble playlists from files in any folder and save them for later play. You can use the mouse or assign hotkeys for quick access to transport and randomization functions.

Audio Object Player
These Italian programmers, provide a small compact FREEWARE amp for all to use. The amp is Open Source and has many features including EQ, high speed decoding, internet streaming, keyboard shortcuts, file finder and more. The homepage for this site is in English Audio Object Player HomePage but the authors homepage which also contains PorkAmp and a range of other neat mp3 and music related Freeware is in Italian

Buggy 390k
Or-Soft contains a small selection of FREEWARE programs including Buggy MP3 and 4MP3 players.

Cavs Play CD+g
Download the latest PlayCDG CD+G karaoke player for PC, and sing your favorite songs. Its features include Equalizer, Key Control, Tempo Control, Drag-in Play, Hot Keys, etc. All features are available to both CD+G disc playing and MP3+G (MCG) file playing in PC. Other products include CD+G to MCG encoder and CDG / MCG decoder.

Audio CD player to the Windows® operating system. It has many features and is connected to the freedb CD library on the Internet. From freedb you can download Artist/Title/Track information about your disc collection, which is not stored on the typical Audio CD. This Shareware program is fully functional but $15.00 is requested if you use the program regularly.

designed to automatically identify and play media of all types, from Audio CD to MP3. It also rips Audio CD tracks, converts WAV to MP3, creates MP3 ID3 tags, automatically downloads CD info from the freedb online, plays MP3 CDs and DVD movies, and a lot more... Shareware costs $14.95, upgrades cost extra depending on when you purchased the software.

CD/Spectrum Pro
A 32bit shareware CD-Audio Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer and MP3/WAV player for Windows. Hosts the Synthesoft screen savers for stunning visuals which dance to the beat of your music.

This site contains a wide range of BeOS software including the FREEWARE CL-Amp, an advanced audio player that make use of the famous WinAmp's skins. Right now it can play mp3 (also variable rate), vqf, ogg, sid, midi, shn, mod, mtm, wav, aiff, snd, au, 669, amf, dsm, far, gdm, it, imf, med, m15, stm, stx, s3m, ult, uni, xm. Also cross fades and saves audio as wave files.

CoolCD Studio 1.2
cool Audio CD player for 32-bit Windows platforms. It operates like a home CD player, letting you play audio CDs from CD-ROM drive on your PC with many extra advantages. Full CDDB support (querying, submission, job caching, and queuing). In addition, CoolCD Studio supports FreeDB - a free approach to CDDB2 technology. shareware and may be previewed for 30 days worry free. Continued use requires registration fee of $25.00

A free MP3 player for DOS, which not only allows the playback of MP3 files, but also the visualisation of the audio through responsive image manipulation. Not just "here's a pretty pattern", but images that respond to the audio in order to create a richer, more fulfilling experience although a text option is also available. Supports your existing WinAMP playlist (.M3U) and Sonique playlist (.PLS) files, with random play, limited play, name display etc.

DART Karaoke Studio
Use today's newest tunes or oldies you love. Record music from records, tapes, CDs or Internet MP3. Import or type-in and synchronize lyrics. Sing-along or record your performance. DART DeVocalizer - DART Karaoke Studio’s Devocalizer makes the main vocal virtually disappear. The main vocal of most stereo recordings is gone or reduced to a whisper, just enough to guide your singing. CD+G CD Format and MIDI Karaoke Files not supported. Shareware - Size 12.0 MB ripper, vocal remover, CD burner also >DART Karaoke Studio CD+G which enables you to make your own Karaoke for Karaoke machines and CD+G players

DEL MP3 Karaoke
In contrast to other midi karaoke software, where synchronization is done in relation to a musical event (note) associated to a specific track in the midi file*, DEL MP3 Karaoke uses a timer to sychronize the lyrics. That means that the synchro you generate is the product of what you hear and feel, not from hard to control musical event on a track used as the base for synchonization. With this program, create your own karaoke from your favorite music of MP3, Midi, Kar...

DJ Mix Lite
designed to play continuous music with cross fading, beat matching mixes between songs. DJ Mix Lite has built in Beatlock Technology, that makes it beat-aware. This technology does not alter your sound files, it just analyses them to find the beats. Knowing the beats, it is able to perform fully automatic quality DJ mixes. This Shareware product ranges from $20-$40.

Dual Window Karaoke
MIDI player for Windows that shows synchronized lyrics in two windows during play. Shareware $20

Duerkop Software Design
The website is in German and English. They produce MP3 Jukebox (Party-Player) 2.4 1877k FREEWARE software for Windows 95/98/ME which was designed to work as stand-alone Jukebox with music file listing capabilities.

GNMIDI Karaoke Editor/Sequencer
MIDI player and utilities. Midi sequencer and editor with karaoke functions like converting between kar, st3 and midi with lyric file types. Also allows user to create, manipulate and edit files. Shareware.

Small easy to install and use player that recognises kar, mid and mk1 files. Site also contains lots of songs to download.

Hi-Play RealTime Arranger
Professional MIDI Player, MP3/Wav/Avi Player Realtime Arranger & Tools. Site in Italian.

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