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Computers and access to the internet have opened up a whole new world for karaoke and music lovers. Finding, playing and downloading music files, lyrics and software is comparitively easy even for a newbie and most modern computers can cope with the requirements needed to use composition and recording software for creating your own karaoke files. This section contains helpful articles, tools and downloads to help play and create karaoke on your computer plus links to karaoke newsgroups and discussion forums where you can meet and chat to fellow karaoke lovers.

Hardware Requirements
So what do you need to play, create, edit or record karaoke on your computer? Read this article to find out!!

File Formats
Read about the different file formats used for music and karaoke files for playing on computers and external karaoke players.

Karaoke Forums
Our forum and messageboard is available for you to post your messages and chat about all things karaoke with like minded folk. The forum contains sections for Karaoke Competitions, Karaoke Singers, Karaoke Jockeys, Karaoke Venues, Humour, General Discussion and KrazyKats website announcements.

Karaoke Software
You have the gear now all you need is the software to play karaoke files! This section contains karaoke songbook creation software, players, creators, editors and recording software with free demo downloads plus links to freeware and shareware players that turn your computer into a karaoke machine.

Karaoke Song Creation
Learn how to create your own karaoke files using your computer and dedicated karaoke creation / editing software.

Karaoke Tools
Downloadable karaoke tools including lyrics plugins, composition software, karaoke players and editors that enable you to create, edit and play karaoke files in various formats or add lyrics to existing files plus free playlist and catalogue programs, lyrics, midi and graphics sites.

Karaoke Tracks
Article on disk and file types, organising disks and track listings plus links to commercial midi, mp3 and cdg song and disk suppliers.

Karaoke Kids
Tips for parents / teachers and links to a bundle of family friendly sites for children including online karaoke suitable for children as young as 8 months old!

Sing Online
Learn and practice singing your favourite songs by your favourite artists. Try our free online karaoke players and discover other free players on the internet packed with songs in all styles and languages.

Venues & Gigs
Browse the karaoke gig guide to find whats on where or add your venue, event, karaoke night free online.

Karaoke Links
Our FFA page has been removed but you can find and add relevant links to karaoke sites of all types including agents, karaoke jockeys, karaoke resources and more .... in our forum or webrings sections.

Karaoke Webrings
Webrings are a great way to find and browse inter-related websites. Ours are of course all dedicated to Karaoke ;-)

Newsgroups, Forums & Chat
Discuss karaoke with other enthusiasts/professionals at one of the Newsgroups.
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