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Most Karaoke players need to be used in conjunction with a tv screen and external hi-fi or p.a. system with the exception of some home players which may have a built in speaker or even a television. UK authorities require venues who use systems with a visual display to apply for a karaoke/cinematic licence.

CD+g Players

The CD+g player is cabaple of playing music and pictures that are compressed onto a CD+g disk. Good machines have track quick jump options, duplex on/off (turns off the vocal on certain types of CD+g), pitch changer, scart socket, non-fiddly buttons, easy to read display panel and be packaged with all leads required as standard. Top Tip:- Select required song and press pause as soon as the display appears on screen to ensure smooth turnaround of performance.
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MP3 Players

Mp3 players are the latest craze. Individual tracks can be reviewed, purchased and downloaded from the internet for storage on the computer, an MP3 player or burnt onto a CD. The storage capacity varies on the player which needs to have a 'video out' connection for use with a television screen and must be capable of playing MP3 Karaoke files.
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Midi Players

Midi players have become a musicans standard piece of equipment with sofware available for use on a computer or with dedicated midi sequencers. This enables the user to mute or remove instruments, change the key and timing or re-allocate the instruments sound. Even a basic computers soundcard can play a midi file although the quality of sound depends on the cards capabilities. Karaoke midis instruct the computer or program to scroll the lyrics as the music plays and depending on the software or sequencers functions, can be edited along with the music. Click Here for Karaoke Midi Players

DVD Players

A relatively new style of player that has become popular. Operates in a similar manner to a CD+g player although the discs are smaller and may hold less tracks than CD+g discs, most have a higher storage capacity. Most are capable of playing any dvd disc including films, audio and provide good quality sound and images, but may lack dedicated karaoke facilities like duplex and easy to read displays.
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Video Karaoke

Video recorders/players are still used in conjunction with video karaoke tapes. Any home video can be used but outputs for connection to a hi-fi are desirable. Using this format has limitations as tracks cannot be selected and lined up as quickly as other players and tapes may wear out or break easily with overuse, however they are often popular for home use as no extra equipment is required. Top Tip:- High speed fast forward & rewind or track find on a video player make finding tracks easier.
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CD Players

Before dedicated 'CDG' players a karaoke operator used CD players in conjunction with CD backing tracks and lyric sheets! A standard CD player can be used but the limitations include extra work in producing the lyric sheets and lack of a visual guide.

Cassette Players

Even the humble cassette player performed as a karaoke player, using audio cassette backing tracks and a double cassette deck, many karaoke operators started out using this system. Many of these karaoke machines came complete with speakers, inputs for extra microphones, pitch control and an effect like echo as standard! Many home players still retain several of these features with the addition of a CD or CD+g player and connections for use with a hi-fi and television screen.
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