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If you intend to become a karaoke jockey using your own karaoke machine and p.a. system there are several essential accessories that you will need.

The following list aims to provide you with a guide to what you will require, the optimal amount of each item and explaination of why you need them!

CD Disk Bag

Wether you prefer bags or boxes, your cd+g's should be stored in a clean, dry place. It should be easily transportable and allow you to organise your discs so they are easy to find. How many storage bags or boxes you need will depend on the carrying capacity of the storage unit and the amount of discs you possess! Click Here for CD Racks

Disk Cleaner

To avoid your discs jumping, ensure that they are dust free before inserting into the machine. Cd cleaning tissues or a clean dry cloth is suitable, for tough marks use cd cleaning fluid.

Head Cleaner

The laser head inside your karaoke cd+g player can become dirty with use and cause the songs to jump or stick. To avoid this the operator should clean the heads of the karaoke machine at least once a week and carry a head cleaner in their kit bag for emergancies. This also applies to cassette, dvd and video players. Click Here for Disk & Head Cleaners

Screwdrivers & Other Tools!

An essential item to carry at all times is a screwdriver, if possible buy one that has interchangable heads! This will allow you to change fuses, plugs and tighten loose screws without fuss. An adjustable spanner is handy for tightening loose bolts, wire cutters/strippers for shortening broken cables and re-rewiring plugs and for those of you who are confident and competant with wiring and electronic equipment, a small soldering iron and solder comes in handy for fixing broken connections in leads and mics.

Flashlight / Torch

Handy item for any emergancy, whether it be lighting your way when the lights go out or focusing on fiddly repairs!

Fuses, Plugs & Stuff

Spares of everything including mains plugs, screws, bolts, nuts and fuses (at least 2 of each ampage) for all your equipment (including mains plugs) should be carried in a small box.

Plugboard and Extension Lead

Regardless of how good the establishment is - they rarely have enough mains plugs for all your equipment. A good plugboard will allow you to keep your plugs in one place and a nice long extension lead will ensure that you aren't left stuck in a corner without power!! Try to purchase products that have an automatic power surge shut off, this prevents blown fuses and equipment being damaged if there is a power surge.

Gaffa Tape/Electronic Tape

Good old gaffa tape, used for keeping leads and cables tidy and electric tape for patching leads temporarily. A roll of each is usually enough and should be replaced as soon as they are halfway used.

Karaoke Song Books, Pens, Paper

A good karaoke operator will carry plenty of track lists for potential performers to browse plus one that should be retained by the operator for reference. To keep the pages clean and intact, place them in clear plastic A4 pockets or folders. Request slips, flyers, posters can be created, designed and printed using a computer. You'll also need a regular supply of pens, a notepad, business cards and receipt book. Click Here for Book Creation Software

Leads & Cables

Even if you are supplied all the correct leads and cables when purchasing your equipment - buy spares!! This will prevent having to stop the show or cancel an engagement if a lead suddenly stops working (and they do!!). At least one jack to cannon and one cannon to cannon lead for microphones, 2 spare speaker leads, one spare lead for each piece of equipment (phono to phono, phono to jack or whatever) plus 2 spare kettle or power leads with plugs attached. Check all your leads regularly for breaks and do not use any that have bare wires. Wipe leads clean with a soft damp (not wet) cloth and coil loosely when not in use.

Lead/Kit Bag

All this extra stuff needs to be stored in a large easy to carry bag or bag with wheels (a sturdy sports bag, travel holdall or shopping trolly will do). A bag with several zipped pockets is ideal and allows you to keep the smaller items seperated and easier to find.
Click Here for Leads, Cables & Bags

Speaker Stands

Although you may get away with chucking the speakers on bar tops, it does affect the sound - each speaker should be placed on an adjustable stand which is raised to between 5' - 6' in height (depending on the venues headroom) and placed at a minimum distance of 6 feet apart. The speakers should be angled slightly away from or towards the back of the room depending on the size, shape and width of the venue. Click Here for Karaoke Systems and Stands

Television or Karaoke Monitor

A small 14" television or monitor (preferably colour) will be needed to display the lyrics - some karaoke operators use one on stage with two or more placed around the venue or will connect their equipment to the venues full screen tv system.

Television Stands

If using a television it is advisable to place it on a sturdy stand. Many of these are fitted with bars that hold the television in place and include small holders at the sides for the microphones to be placed into when not in use.

Mic Stands

A microphone stand is not an essential item, especially if your television stand has it's own mic holders, however, if you don't want the performers to walk around with your microphones or need them to be placed in an easily accessible holder, then a stand is a must. There are two types - upright or boom stands. Both have adjustable heights although the boom stand has a section that can be adjusted both vertically or at a diagonal (useful for those who play an instrument).
Click Here for Microphones, Mic Stands and Tv Stands

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